From the reimagining of history to the removal of books from libraries to the lack of adequate funding, Virginia is positioning itself to be a leader in the destruction of public education. The Virginia State Conference will be on the front lines to ensure that every student has access to great teaching, equitable resources, and a safe learning environment from grade school classrooms to college campuses.

On Wednesday, May 17th, we are hosting the education and civil rights symposium 127 Years Later: Still Fighting Jim Crow. We are excited about the program we have planned. This is an in-person symposium to be held at the Hippodrome Theater. We will open registration at 9 am with a continental breakfast and begin promptly at 10 am. Lunch will be served at Noon, and the symposium will end at 3 pm. The symposium is for all – branches, college chapters, youth councils, and all who are interested in advocating for public education.

To register, you may visit The registration fee is $10.