HANOVER (November 9, 2021) – The NAACP is stunned by the 4-3 decision tonight as the Hanover School Board blatantly disregarded the advice of their own legal counsel with a decision that discriminates against our transgender youth. Board Members Axselle, Ikenberry, Sutton and May voted to remain in violation of Virginia Department of Education policy (Pursuant to § 22.1-23.3 of the Code of Virginia). This is clearly a case of discrimination against our Hanover transgender youth.

Once again Hanover’s School Board attempts to return to a whimsical past. In 1934 the Hanover School Board refused to provide transportation to the only school for Black students while buses for White students were provided. Lucian Hunter, a Black man purchased a bus to take on a responsibility that was that of the Hanover School Board.

Hanover chose to close schools in 1954 rather than allow Black students to integrate schools. The school board fought the NAACP in 2019, on changing the names of two confederate named schools. After wasting taxpayer dollars, to uphold the past, the names were changed.

Now, the school board has identified their next target, another minority group, a group of students they have sworn to serve. How many  additional taxpayer dollars are they willing to lose in another futile attempt to turn back the clock?

The Hanover NAACP stands against discrimination of any type. We boldly stand with our transgender students and their parents.



The Hanover County Branch was established in 1946 at the First Union Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia with the dream of having an organization dedicated to the realization of the principle of equality and justice for all. Through civil rights advocacy and community involvement we continue the struggle to achieve freedom, justice, and dignity for all. Our strength is derived from the dedication and untiring efforts of our volunteers. Individual membership, fund raising activities and corporate sponsorship allows this organization to continue serving the community.

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